As we all know every person is different and special. We have different bodies,backgrounds, different experiences, different mind sets and so on. Some of us naturally know their bodies and some of us don’t. Some people did sports in childhood and some never. Some people are naturally with strong bones, joints and muscles. Some are simply not. Some are naturally flexible and some are not. And there are always some special thing about every body, like injuries, traumas and some kind of illnesses. So there can’t be the same system for everybody. Group classes are nice, but hardly individual. With a good teacher and smaller group you will get more attention, but it is almost impossible to get very personal attention and advice during group class.

When it is private class, then teacher studies and discovers your body. What it is capable of and what is good for your body. You may get deeper into practice with understanding of your body capacity. With respect and love towards your body.
Some things go beyond the physical experience.

Private classes will help you to connect with yourself on deeper level. Will help you to learn more about yourself.

Together we will find a way to practice what will be beneficial for your body.
And also let’s not forget that we may start with yoga poses, but eventually get dipper into your inner world. To connect with your  true self.

Private classes are for these who are truly ready to work on themselves. Ready to dedicate time. For these who want to meet themselves and be a friend with their body.