Mala Bracelet "Quartz and shell"
Cute spirit bracelet made of sandal wood praying beads with natural  shell beads, pink rose quartz and silver beads. Bracelet is made on high quality elastic cord.
I call these bracelets "yoga mala bracelets" because they are made of praying beads I brought from India, spiritual city Varanasi. I believe it will bring you balance and peace.

Light red, or PINK ROSE QUARTZ brings the energy rays of determination, commitment, and caring. Its soothing color calms feelings of anger or resentment, and can aid efforts to meditate and reflect. Pink is the color of new love, new romance and new relationships.

Bracelet Length ~18 cm
Sandal Bead D ~6-7 mm
Natural shell ~2cm length, ~1,2cm width
Natural Quartz beads D ~6mm

* elastic cord
* sandal wood
* silver
* shell
* natural pink quartz

This is ready item, what will be shipped in 2-5 work days.

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